Gilding Primal Instinct lives in a macabre surrealist dreamscape nestled between the worlds of fashion and fine art. The avant garde jewelry brand challenges its wearers to step outside themselves and embrace our fundamental nature as a species.

Gilding Primal Instinct collections are based on highly conceptual couture one-of-a-kinds and the ready to wear items they inspire. Aesthetically, the designs create an aggressive dichotomy between subtle, elegant forms and vicious primal instinct, enabling a codependent relationship between adornment and the human figure. These collections translate practices of ritual adornment into iconic character archetypes and transform the wearer into an effigy of primal behavior. The nature of our existence leaves us desperately fighting to sustain ourselves and our way of life, forcing us to use methods that are often brutally visceral. Severe as this is, humanity will never be liberated from its fundamental nature. Gilding Primal Instinct externalizes what society desperately attempts to conceal and allows anyone to redefine themselves through an archetypal lens.
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